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2X Cuff Set (15% Off)

2X Cuff Set (15% Off)

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Rose Gold


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Express your feelings to someone by gifting them a personalized, unique and meaningful Cuff.

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SIZE Cuffit's are fully adjustable and will fit most wrist sizes. They can with a little force be bent to the correct size. We designed them to be delicate, lightweight, comfortable and durable, so you can wear them daily, to work or play. Our Necklaces comes with a 55cm chain (3mm thickness). Both Necklaces and bracelets are made of hypoallergenic, lead free, and tarnish resistant stainless steel.

Gold/Rose gold pieces are made with the same strong, tarnish resistant material as our silver pieces, with a thin overlay of 18K gold. With proper care, gold plated products will last very long time. CARE To clean, wipe with soft cloth. Avoid frequent contact with strong chemicals, such as detergent, bleach, perfume, etc. Store in a jewelry box or soft cloth. As the cuffs & necklaces are made from tarnish and corrosion resistant stainless steel they can be worn in the shower without any problems.


Our bracelets & necklaces are made of hypoallergenic, tarnish resistant, lead free stainless steel. Gold bracelets & necklaces are 18K gold dipped over stainless steel, so it will not fade. Nickel: There is NO nickel traces in our bracelets, so if you are allergic, don't worry!

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Engrave your expression of Love and gift it to someone you Love and Care for as a Life Long Gift.


Why not engrave the important coordinates of your first date or an important place you always want to remember.


A perfect gift with a perfect message that you really will take care and will always love for all your life.


Growing old together is what everyone want. Why not engrave those feelings and cherish.


Your First Hug, that Kiss, those feelings is what we have in our mind. Let us imprint them for you that you can always cherish.


Love your sun sign then why not wear it and bring more Luck & Love. Gift it to someone you really care for. 

Customers Worldwide Love cuffit

I loved the concept to getting your special moments engraved. Amazing quality. 

Sarah B.

What a finish, elegant design and good workmanship. I love it. 

Samantha T.

I love my daughter and that's what I did. I engraved my feelings for her. We both now wear it.

Tom B.

My boy friend brought this on on my birthday and it said "I will love you forever" It was a awww moment. 

Jassy M.

We first  met at HMF, Plam Beach, FL. Now its 4 yrs of togetherness. We imprinted the coordinates of our first date. 

Dave & Julie