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free shipping on all orders

Key features

Made With Care
All of our products are handmade and uniquely crafted with care
Cuff Bracelets are totally adjustable & fits easily
Up to 20 characters could be engraved on Cuffs
More Shine, Elegant & Stylish Finish

Customized By You


Roman Numerals

Greek Collection

Zodiac Collection

2x Cuff Set

Our Story

Express Yourself

In 2019, we started Cuff It to bring a voice to everyone. We understand that everyone deserves to express their story to the people whom they care about and who are important. With CUFF IT our goal is to help individuals, express who they really are, help individuals express their story, their motivation, their wisdom and their PURPOSE with the world. 

What makes you, you? 

customer reviews

 I love to be known as a scorpion with so much love, fashion and energy. My boy friend got me this beautiful bracelet on my birthday.

Olivia R.

I loved the concept to getting your special moments engraved. Amazing quality. 

Sarah B.

What a finish, elegant design and good workmanship. I love it. 

Samantha T.

I love my daughter and that's what I did. I engraved my feelings for her. We both now wear it.

Tom B.

My boyfriend bought this on my birthday and it said, "I will love you forever" It was an awww moment. 

Jassy M.

We first met at HMF, Plam Beach, FL. Now its 4 yrs of togetherness. We imprinted the coordinates of our first date. 

Dave & Julie

I order the Cufflet for the Love of my life with my name and her's engraved as a memory forever. 

Jason R.

Life is too short to remember the most loved moments. So I got this Bracelet engraved with coordinates of our honey money.

Jeannie V.

My hunband and I got ourselves this beautifully done Bracelets with "Love you forever and Ever"

Angel B.